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Travel with the Wayfarer! 22 August 2013

In order to best appreciate where you are, you need to reflect on where you've been. Before the spirit of adventure pulls you forward, join in the Wayfarer's Reverie and rejoice in how far you've come! Starting at noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on August 25, the spirit of celebration will stretch across the land. Wayfarer's Marks begin dropping and a whole stack of weekly bonuses all go into effect, simultaneously spurring you toward greater achievements.

In addition, find the festival coordinator on each continent and start a quest to prove your adventuring prowess. Collect enough evidence of your travels and receive a special gift from Fylinn, Sworn to Winds, in Embark beach. Go, walk a little farther, and may the spirit of the Wayfarer go with you!

Check the event page for more information.

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